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  1. Damn.. I tip my hat to you! congrats on platinuming both man!! I'm at 65% on vol 1 , and 75% on vol 2 im missing mainly gold trophys and a handful of silver. And yeah very true some games here didn't age too well but I did enjoy going through them all and finding out which ones were my favorites / I had the most fun playing. There definitely is fun to be had even if you didn't grow up with these games. I hope vol 3 releases soon too ! And if vol 1 & 2 are any indication... We can expect vol 3s trophys / platinum will be HARD. 0__O haha
  2. So after playing both vol 1 & 2 of Atari Flashback Classics. I was thinking how awesome it would be if we got another collection, vol 3. So out of curiosity i searched vol 3 online just to see if any rumors about it were around and here I am looking at the trophys list ! I really can wait! I'll be honest too I'm a 90s kid that never played much Atari, Nes and Genesis is what I remember most, but I appreciate and enjoy all retro games. Getting to go back and play these classic Atari titles has been a real treat ! Even for someone like myself who has no real nostalgic feelings towards them. I mean yeah many of the trophys are Ruthlessly HARD *trophy hunters you might wanna stay away unless you love a challenge* and I don't think I'll ever Platinum vol 1 or vol 2 but I've tried obtaining as many trophys as possible from both those collections. Vol 3 was first announced back at the beginning of 2018 after some research... But we are almost midway through June and no news of when vol 3 will be officially released. =\ Maybe at the end of summer? or this Holliday season we can expect it? This is an instant buy for me.
  3. Just confirming that update 1.13 fixed this glitch for me! The Rank 50 trophy along with the platinum popped for me while loading into a multiplayer match! GO GET YOUR PLATINUM PEOPLE !!
  4. I know this topic is old but since I have just obtained the Doom 3 Platinum I'll leave my 2 cents. The Doom 3 main campaign on nightmare has some challenging sections but is very doable if you're smart with your saves + soul cube. I progressed through very slowly killed a few enemies without taking damage and would make sure I was clear to save, rinse repeat until the end. Haha bosses were pretty easy too...again soul cube them to DEATH!! Think it took me like 7-8 hours to finish. Lost Mission - I personally found to be a cake walk after completing the main campaign on nightmare. Like if you can get through the Doom 3 main campaign on nightmare mode, lost mission should give you no issues at all. Save the SOUL CUBE for the annoying enemies! I can't remember exactly and I would have to recheck my save file but I believe I finished lost mission in about 3 - 4 hours. Resurrection of Evil - For me was easily the most annoying to finish on nightmare. Not having the soul cube kinda sucks.. so your only way to re-heal is the health stations on the wall and they are few and far between. The artifact you have instead of the soul cube which slows down time and allows you to berserk one punch your way through hordes of enemies is very helpful for getting through rough areas with lots of hell spawn. Soooooo many damn revenants!!! ROE took me 3 - 4 hours to complete aswell. On all my completion times I'd give or take another 1 - 3 + hours for the moments I was stuck on a part / died and had to reload my saves until I progressed forward.
  5. ....That is FRIGGING AWESOME! Haha Ive only seen people make physical custom ones to look like a PSN Platinum trophy.
  6. Sucks man and I'm right there with you... it pains me to even think zexionponty92 the one who started this thread has been waiting since February!!.... EA should probably send him an actual physical platinum trophy in the mail or somthing for his trouble and for how long he has waited. Lol ok I'm just joking about a real trophy being mailed to someone haha but seriously there is nothing worse then putting the hours in playing a game and earning all the achievements / trophies legitly without boosting to have the last trophy glitch on you.. Ultimately keeping you from the Platinum. I AS WELL AS MANY OTHER GAMERS DESERVE THIS PLATINUM EA!!
  7. So I was level 26 for the longest time and stopped playing because it was such a grind for xp and you got so little. Then the May 4th double xp weekend comes around and I start grinding hardcore again and get from lv26-lv46. Double xp event ends... And I keep playing leveling up like once a day if I'm lucky. Knowing that some players said this trophy is glitched for them and others saying players recently have achieved the trophy according to psnprofiles.. so I decide to just GO for it... Reaching Rank 50 being the last trophy I need for the Plat.. And of course it didn't pop for me when I hit lv50 today as of May 12th.. words cannot describe the RAGE I FEEL... So many hours I poured into this game grinding by legitly playing all for nothing.. Until a fix comes...or if a fix even comes. FIX THIS GLITCHED CRAP EA !!! 😡
  8. Seriously!! Same here I have "in a galaxy far far away". But. "a new hope" won't pop for me!? Frustrating as hell! Like when are they patching or going to fix this!!!!!!? I only have 2 trophys left for the platinum and "a new hope" is one of them.....
  9. I am glad I'm not the only one who thought of Kingdom Hearts when I wished Hello games expanded on the ship customization. Let us be able to change parts of the ship to give them a new look we want or being able to pick colors or paint themes. Waiting at the space station for randomly generated ships is ok an all but if you could build your own.... Cockpit style....wings.....ect ect
  10. I just recently boosted the PS3 version.... It's possible but the servers are so horrendous .... Took us 5 hours to boost the trophy for 12 players!! People kept getting disconnected / some peoples PS3s would freeze, very stupid they brought that trophy back for encore! I refuse to play any other MVA game until they stop adding that BS trophy!!! The trophy is so specific ....like if a player backs out before the race ends and you are in first place about to win the race, NO trophy because someone raged quit!!!!! I am switching to the MXGP series the game is more official feeling with real brand bikes you don't have to purchase on the store for extra money. I've been a huge fan of MVA since MX Unleashed, sucks to see the series go downhill like it has been.
  11. Seriously who the hell wants to do this !!? I posted here a year ago looking for people and a few of the guys I had went and did it without me and now they are to awesome to help me....so I have to find a whole other group of people....add me on PSN so we can help each other get this dumb freaking trophie done.. We will boost it in a private session , over 12 races so everyone can get the trophy.