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  1. PSN: I have a set of Dissidia 012 avatars, whenever I'm bored of one I just change it. Currently using Bartz from FFV. I haven't even played Dissidia, but I haven't found better Final Fantasy-themed avatars on the Store. PSNP: the kid from Limbo, which I played and enjoyed recently. I like the minimalist design, and it is also a reminder I still need to go for the "No Point in Dying" trophy 😁
  2. Claim to Fame - Neverwinter (0.73%) Walk of Shame - Guardians of the Galaxy (69.37%) I'm not ashamed of GOTG or any Telltale game in my list, though.
  3. Sign me up as a Chocobo Trainer, with 5 FF platinums + Secret of Mana. Final Fantasy VII: Final Fantasy VIII Remastered: Final Fantasy X HD: Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age: Final Fantasy XV: Secret of Mana: Hopefully I can add FFIX to the list soon ^^ Thanks!
  4. Magic Lamp is missable. Yes, Cid gives it to you if you try to leave the Garden after the mission briefing, but not if you go back into the Garden instead. Mind you, even then the lamp can still be obtained if you talk to Cid again at his office in 3F. However, if you don't, it will be forever lost once you take the train to Timber. Edit: it's a good idea to visit Cid at his office regardless, as you can play Triple Triad with him and get Seifer's card early in the game.
  5. Selphie's weapons are called nunchakus in the Spanish version for sure. AFAIK, the word was only changed in the English PAL version.
  6. Honestly, I would already be ok with the PS4 list if using cheats disabled trophies. From the Steam version, I consider the 10k kills, reach max. gil and keeping Squall at initial level achievements to be pointless, the rest could have made the PS4 list much better. If I was forced to choose I'd prefer the Steam list, at least it would be more challenging.
  7. The girl only tells you how many enemies Squall and Quistis have defeated, not your group's total stats. As stated, you can track your kills in the menu if the guy in the Desert Prison has upgraded your battle meter.
  8. Yeah quite sure, although there are additional calculations that can slightly decrease or increase the monsters' levels randomly.
  9. Enemies' levels scale to your active party average, basically (with a few exceptions). In any case, levels aren't that important, having good junctions is. You probably failed because you had a weak junction setup. It's a bit strange Squall was already 20 levels higher than the rest by that point of the game, though 😉 Fisherman's Horizon theme is one of my favorites as well, btw.
  10. FF8
  11. Welcome. Nice PSN avatar 😄
  12. There's already a thread about FF8 Remastered in the Unreleased Games subforum. To me, 8 has the 2nd best soundtrack in the series after 9, and I'm glad Square Enix is keeping the original PS1 music. Still disappointed with the inclusion of cheats... sorry, "reinforcements". 😏
  13. "Battle assistance will be implemented". Bad news, although not surprising.
  14. You don't win experience by beating bosses, only regular enemies, and you can skip battles. Besides, if Squall is KOed when the battle ends he doesn't get EXP.
  15. I see. I'm keeping my fingers crossed 😄