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  1. Mine is working fine (Slim model). Truth be told, I rarely use it but I had thought about going back to Tekken Tag Tournament 2 eventually. I hope this doesn't become a serious issue.
  2. You don't get the Kosatka for free, just the Sonar Station. You still need to buy the submarine.
  3. It hasn't updated for me yet, but from what I've seen here I like it. Definitely an improvement over the previous version.
  4. I've never been really interested in Call of Duty, I've played a couple of games but I thought they were pretty generic and nothing special. Regarding the FPS genre, I prefer games that focus more on the single player campaign like Doom or Wolfenstein. Death Stranding, I enjoyed the story and it even has brilliant moments, but the gameplay is absolutely boring and repetitive. I completed the main story but I doubt I'll ever try to get the platinum. As a Final Fantasy fan, I also consider XIII and XV to be vastly inferior to classics like the ones from the PS1 and SNES eras. Not bad games per se, but disappointing as FFs.
  5. Can you add FF7 Remake to my list?
  6. Thanks for the heads up, a good theme for an amazing game.
  7. Yakuza 0, fun game but terrible platinum.
  8. The Rise of Skywalker in early January and it was a big disappointment, just like the whole Disney trilogy. Now that more theaters are opening again in my city I'm really looking forward to return. Tenet will likely be the first one I'll watch, Nolan is one of my favorite directors.
  9. GTA Online, I don't play that much anymore but I had a lot of fun with it long after getting the platinum, on PS3 and PS4. I also replay San Andreas from time to time, it's just so good. Other games I've played more than once just to enjoy the storyline are Final Fantasy -from VII to X-, The Last of Us, Red Dead Redemption or Life is Strange.
  10. Good to hear there's a free upgrade to owners of the original. I might play it again, even though the platinum was a bit tedious and not as easy as the rarity suggests. Nevertheless it's a great game and I'm glad people will be able to enjoy it in next-gen.
  11. Gris, from Nomada Studio, an amazing and beautiful indie that everyone should play. It's on sale right now and the platinum is easy.
  12. I voted TLoU2, thanks for the giveaway!
  13. With disc. I will always choose physical over digital as long as I have that option.
  14. You're such a lucky person, being able to play GTA V more than two months before release date.
  15. The Witcher 3. One of my favorite PS4 games, but I'm not much into Gwent.