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  1. It is 7 per cent complete because a lot of players are cheating to earn it. In normal conditions this would be the rarest trophy, maybe second after Bloodlust.
  2. This has been answered already... you have to win against different opponents.
  3. Agreed, Quina is a very useful character if you know how to use her (him? it?), but is often treated as the worst which is unfair. Quina's blue magic is actually very powerful. She doesn't have the most HP though, as Steiner, Zidane, Amarant and Freya have better stats without equipment modifiers.
  4. As long as you don't leave it unattended at first and gain some levels, your party will be strong enough to last a lot against the weak enemy attacks without battle assist. You'll just need to check your health from time to time. And in the case you need to leave the game unattended for a long period, battle assist is still a good solution - ok, you lose time with trance animations, but battles are non-stop and vs. 3-4 enemies, so that compensates it. You lose time roaming around trying to find random battles as well I did a short test yesterday and got about 140 kills in 10 minutes (without battle assist). That's around 12 hours for the 10k kills.
  5. A good place to grind is also at the Evil Forest, just after defeating the Plant Brain. If you just stand there Plant Spiders will attack you infinitely and usually in groups of 3 or 4. The problem is you can't leave the area and auto-save, though.
  6. From my experience this last week, games only appear in the correct order (last played) the SECOND time you update them after earning new trophies. This has been the case for me with GTA V and TFTB - first update, wrong order; second update, top of the list again.
  7. Excellent news! I really enjoyed LiS and would love to see Mystic Max in action again :]
  8. I agree with you, I think the previous design looked much better. For example, as it has already been mentioned, the "PS3", "PS4" and "VITA" icons to the right of the games look terrible now in my opinion. Is there a way to return to the old black, bigger icons? Same with country flags, they look worse to me now. I know a lot more that we can't see has been changed and that it was probably needed, but talking only about the new look, there wasn't any need to fix what wasn't broken in my opinion.
  9. Congrats to Portuguese fans! At least I was right about the top scorer
  10. Sunday 10th July 8pm Portugal 1-2 France
  11. Wednesday 6th July 8pm Portugal 1-0 Wales Thursday 7th July 8pm Germany 2-1 France
  12. Thursday 30th June 8pm Poland 1-2 Portugal Friday 1st July 8pm Wales 1-2 Belgium Saturday 2nd July 8pm Germany 1-1 Italy Sunday 3rd July 8pm France 1-0 Iceland
  13. Saturday, June 25: Last 16 2pm Switzerland 0-1 Poland Saturday, June 25: Last 16 5pm Wales 2-1 Northern Ireland Saturday, June 25: Last 16 8pm Croatia 3-1 Portugal Sunday, June 26: Last 16 2pm France 2-0 Republic of Ireland Sunday, June 26: Last 16 5pm Germany 1-0 Slovakia Sunday, June 26: Last 16 8pm Hungary 1-2 Belgium Monday, June 27: Last 16 5pm Italy 1-0 Spain Monday, June 27: Last 16 8pm England 3-0 Iceland
  14. Wednesday, June 22: Group F, 5pm Iceland 0-1 Austria Wednesday, June 22: Group F, 5pm Hungary 0-1 Portugal Wednesday, June 22: Group E, 8pm Italy 1-0 Republic of Ireland Wednesday, June 22: Group E, 8pm Sweden 0-1 Belgium
  15. I think it is a very good and fun 2D fighting game, but you'll appreciate it more if you're a Street Fighter fan. Still, I would recommend it to any fan of fighting games.