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  1. If you like slasher films you will probably enjoy the game. I also recommend playing without using a guide the first time, but hey, that's up to you. It's easy but not that short, and you'll need at least two walkthroughs. I'd say 2/10.
  2. RDR 2 by far, and then Ni No Kuni II and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Oh, and please Square, release FF8 for PS4 too.
  3. Do you think enjoying a game is more important than platinums/completion rate?? Shame on you!
  4. I'm talking about PS3.
  5. First, what is the reason for the flag? Second, it doesn't matter if you play offline, timestamps are saved the moment you earn the trophy, not when you sync. Honestly, your GTA V list is a mess.
  6. Missing timestamps are set to January 1970 (Unix timestamp), hence the false 45 years gap.
  7. Why would you (or anyone except the OP) know which is the correct order? Last played does not mean last trophy earned. Edit: I know in both cases the order is usually the same, but it can happen if you play offline.
  8. If that was the case, you would see "Soon" instead of the world/country rank. OP joined the forum 1 hour ago but the profile could have been added much earlier.
  9. Shocking news! Thank you Mr. Trump, for enlightening us.
  10. Well said. I was going to say something similar but you did it better. I'm glad this game was made, it was one of my best gaming experiences last year.
  11. I doubt PS4's case will ever be as bad as PS3, but if I was you I would try to get the trophy as soon as possible. Just in case 😄
  12. FF9 - Black Mage Village, Tantalus' hideout in Lindblum, Alexandria's castle, Treno... almost anywhere in the Mist Continent, actually. Or Daguerreo, if I could avoid the Grand Dragons 😄
  13. Missing timestamps are set to January 1970 (Unix timestamp), sometimes resulting in completion times of 40+ years.😄 Never seen one that is hundreds of years though
  14. He got the medals from combat and predator challenges seconds apart.
  15. Count me in. Code: MARC_NYAV. Still low level, but willing to help out