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  1. This bug was fixed in the latest update. It now unlocks not when purchasing your 10th car, but if you have 10 or more cars after purchasing a var. Don't know what will happen if you got stuck with the bug and all cars already purchased though.
  2. On the police side you don't buy cars at all, you just get them. On the racer side you have to purchase the cars with speedpoints. Are as far as I know, there is no way to buy multiple copies of the same car, all cars are unique. OK, it definitely is bugged. Now my stats updated, and shows 14/22 cars purchased. But the trophy didn't unlock.
  3. All different, there aren't really multiples of the same model car in this game is there?
  4. Or rather, not the trophy itself, but the in game statistics. The stats are locked at 9/22 cars purchased and 0/22 cars fully upgraded, although I have bought almost 15 cars and fully upgraded 2.