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On 11/12/2020 at 5:59 PM, rockstarjazz said:

i was doing quite well on grounded but i got stuck at this section at 4:25:00


i got stuck for hours and at the end just had to resort to using the prone invisibility to get pass, otherwise i'd never pass it. i barely had enough bullets. and this is playing on a new game ++ with all my weapons maxed out from previous playthroughs!


i highly doubt players can pass grounded without enabling these. perhaps naughty dog didnt test the mode before rolling it out. they made it too difficult without those options.


it ruins the grounded playthrough for me to resort to these things but i get tired of wasting my time repeating the same environments over and over again.


i'm now stuck at 9:25:00 the hordes of enemies that swarm are insane. i try and do it quietly but the enemies are so sensitive, i could be tiptoeing behind the wall and they'd spot me!


i DREAD to think how the heck i am going to pass the dark room with Abby while Yara and Lev are outside!!


i thought i chronicle my adventures here. any input/tips will be welcomed. i try and only resort to invisible prone as a last resort if i just cannot find a way.

Reading you makes me feel pretty skilled! I did my 1st run on grounded mode!! You can check my timestamp  :o


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Yeah, I feel you OP. This part was insane, one of the many others that followed. (The one you mentionned + when Abby goes out on her own + the rat king + the arcade, and the final combat zone of course...).


To me, it is clear they did not test any of it. Having done it in Grounded and Permadeath in the same run, I can assert this is not a working combination. It seems like Grounded was really meant to be some stupid kind of die and retry mode. 

Anyway, I was really glad I had done it in Perma-Grounded without any cheat or whatnot.

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I can say some parts are difficult but isnt that the point? There are a lot of strategies to consider when playing TLOU games but especially on grounded. Some it’s easier to just run by enemies, sneak by enemies or be patient and pick them off one by one. In the case of the OP Timestamp staying in the grass in the second section and stealthing them is key. I did my grounded perma (per act) run on stream and let me tell you some of those Abby sections are tough but once you do beat them it’s so satisfying. 

I say to anyone doing grounded to just keep trying: look at things from a different angle and you don’t always have to kill. As an example I basically run through most of the entire Hillcrest section. 

if anyone needs help/tips with sections I’m more than happy to lend advice. I even have a lot of my sections recorded if you’re a visual learner. TLOU is my favourite series and I always play both games on grounded. 


Endure and Survive. 

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