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S'up guys and gals.


So, I already have Horizon Chase Turbo platinum in another account, and keep that account on my PS4 to play for fun with my daughters. Today, I was playing using a dummy account as a secondary one and found out something very interesting (it may be old, but I just found out today...).

If you play, as a guest, with someone who has already unlocked everything, then you will earn the respective trophies with no effort.

For instance: I was able to unlock the 100% Cup trophies in several countries playing only one race in each, and even then I didn't need to finish first as a guest (yes, I lost intentionally. That's what fathers do :))


My question is: if I do this, with my new account, will I be flagged? Is this considered save hack, or a game feature you can use to your advantage? And is there any trophies not affected by this method?


Thanks in advance.

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This method is described in the guide for the game here, so I highly doubt you will be flagged for it.


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