PSNP Interviews: Rally Vincent - Submit Your Questions!

By Dreggit,
Welcome one and all to the final questions thread for 2020 and the final of the current format! Please welcome @Rally-Vincent--- and ask them all your worldly desires     You may be asking, who is this person? Well, let's find out. Questions can be submitted starting now until December 27th, 2020. Rally has provided the community a snippet about themselves to help with coming up with questions   About Me Hi guys and gals, I am Rally Vincent (Rally for short). I am from Germany. I'm in my mid-forties, so probably in the upper levels of the age pyramid here. I work as a lawyer. It's a job as any other, I suppose.   I am playing video games for 30 years. Back then, gaming was fun, too. Video gaming has made leaps and leaps since then. One small example: saving. Free saving was not possible back then. You had to use save points, so manually saving was very important. A lost save was a lesson for life. In some games, you even could not save at all.   My first gaming system was the Amiga 500, with the memory extension from 500KB to 1MB. Yes, upgraded to 1MB, as unbelievable as this seems nowadays. We also had a family Gameboy with a couple of games (Tetris, Advance Wars, a Mario Game, Mahjong). From there I went on to the PSOne, PS2, PS3 and PS4. I also play games on PC.   I may be the odd one out at PSNP when it comes to trophies. I play games for fun, that's the only reason on how I choose games. I am not playing them for trophies - those are just a nice addition, but not the reason I play games. I also don't see trophies as a means of competition in whatever kind. To me, they are just showing which games we play and how far we got into them. I use PSNP to track myself, to find new games via people who have similar tastes as me, and to talk about video games.   I mostly play video games that tell me a story. I make exceptions, for example strategy games and simulations. I love to experience new stories.I like stories in all forms: Books, Anime, movies and shows, video games. Naturally, some of my favorite games are RPGs, action RPGs, cRPGs or story-driven action games.   My pet peeves in video gaming are online stuff in single player games and DLC. I dislike both. I also don’t use handhelds. My handhelds are books.     Interview setup  The setup for all PSNP interviews will be as follows: After the new interviewee has been revealed, the PSNP community will have 10 days to ask their questions. While the community is coming up with questions, the interviewee has the time to work on the 16 standard questions After those 10 days, those question along with the standard question will be sent to the interviewee. The interviewee will have another 7 days to answer as many of the questions as they want. Once the interviewee has finished answering the question, I will post the whole Interview in a new thread.   How to be a Interviewee If anyone wants to be interviewed all they have to do is say they would like to be added on the interview signup thread. After that the member will be added to the list of potential interviewees.   List of questions Standard Questions How did you come up with your PSN name? What games convinced you get your PlayStation 3, Playstation Vita, and PlayStation 4? What are your top 5 game series and why? What are your top 5 games and why? Which unreleased game(s) are you looking forward to the most and why? Do you have any other hobbies outside of gaming? Top 5 TV shows, Movies, and/or anime, why, and would you recommend them to people? Top 5 favorite music bands/group/artists/composers/ost? Your favorite platinum and why? Your least favorite platinum and why? Have you ever been tempted to switch over to the Xbox/Nintendo/PC gaming ecosystems? If you could have one game from any gaming generation be remade or re-released, which one would it be and why? How far are you willing to go for a platinum? What feature (besides backwards compatibility) do you think the next console generation should have? What is your favorite thing about PSNP? What is your least favorite thing about PSNP? Is there anyone in the PSNP Community you would like to give a shout out too and if so why?   PSNP Community Questions (updated periodically) What book or books would you recommend for gamers or trophy hunters on this site? Fiction or Nonfiction? If you could have any video game item in real life, what would it be and why? Knack 2 when? You got any Internet Rabbit Holes/interesting things you found that you want to share? What is the weirdest case you've ever been involved in? Have you ever used the Chewbacca defense? If a zombie apocalypse actually happened, what one celebrity would you hope to find as a zombie (and then put down for good)? When the Member Interview Project was approved to come back, what were you thoughts? Were you surprised you had been selected? What do you think could improve the project? What's your favorite meme? Anime What is your favorite anime/manga franchise? What is your favorite anime series? What anime studio is your favorite? Who is your favorite mangaka (manga artist)? If you could create your own anime/manga franchise, what kind of world would you craft, what kinds of characters would you create, and what kind of genre would you make it? Most importantly, who is your top waifu of choice? If you have more than one, please list your Top 5! What's the worst game you've played and why is it Space Hulk? Since you've been gaming since the beginning....which era or system was your favorite? Favorite video game character and why? How many Oreos do you think you could eat in two minutes without throwing up? What is the most time you've lost in a game by forgetting to save? What are some of your favorite games on PS1/PS2?