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Which trophies autopop after 100% on a version and starting the other one?


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2 hours ago, wltrsjcwvita said:

Can confirm the crew trophies auto-pop. Pretty sure the level up trophies do as well, since your level will remain the same across both versions. Past that, I'm pretty sure anything solo/campaign based doesn't auto-pop, so you'll have to do them again.

yeah i decided to start us version before 100% on eu version cuz i dont have rb gtr yet so no way to get the solo buttons trophy... i hate harmonix including this trophy on most of their games.

Before i started us version i made sure to have level 50 on the other one. I started us v. all crew trophies autopoped after the end of week results appeared on the screen, i went to play a song in brutal mode for crimson stars, easy just pick up only spoken notes song on expert dif, and then level 50 autopoped there, aswell as crimson stars as it has to be.

The skill 700/900 on an instrument also autopops btw! I had it done on gtr and drums before on eu v. then played a song on drums at the end both skill trophies poped.

Iirc thats all about it. All the rest must be done again which really sucks cuz playing the same songs over again on tour mode can get boring af and us version doesnt have a lot of free dlc to download from the store (most of it is not available to download) and buying same dlcs bought before on eu store is kinda dumb.

Fortunately you can easily get all trophies in rb4 any version without having any dlcs. Theres good songs for everything, just tour mode 2x can get boring af, a good way is to swtich instruments (maybe) to cease the boringness. Also locked in 2x is shit if you dont have only spoken vocal songs dlcs too. Dumb they included offline coop trophy when most players are solo locally lol

I know everything about this game and best methods, if anyone having trouble message me. 

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On 2/1/2022 at 4:50 AM, ChowderlyDude said:

theres no issue on getting eu 100% with a US account correct? can get and use rivals DLC for EU np?

You need to have rivals DLC compatible with the game version so pretty much you'll need to buy the game twice full if you want 100% on both versions

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