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Double plat dreams thwarted


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Well my hopes for double plat have been thwarted. For level.50 and level 10 weapons you can get them just get to 49 and just about to level up, then boot up on a ps4 and ps5 finish match on both should level up both. Same thing with weapons.


However this can't be done with geared up, I guess when purchases it checks server, so one of them fail :(.


Also challenger for me busted in ps5, fine on 4. Hopefully they fix a way to get geared up on ps5

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10 hours ago, Kulzyc said:

I tried that with Tooled Up and it didn't work, guess I'll try again for level 50. 

for tooled up i had sentry on the edge of leveling up, 

  • booted up ps5 sat in menu
  • booted up ps4 sat in menu
  • started a match, dm on ps5. luckily found a sentry, did enough dmaage or held it for the 10 xp i needed
  • while that match was going, found a ps4 macth adn luckily also found a sentry
  • If you fail to find the gun you need on ps5, just quit...that doesnt save anything.
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