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Your save file might be in danger. Potential save corruption


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I've scrolled trough the last few forum threads and haven't seen any report of this so i wanted to warn everyone.

Right now, if your save file reaches 8MB in storage it will be corrupted and you will lose all save data for that file. I've been informed by this through the following video which also shows of official CDPR responses. https://youtu.be/If6RgU14hb0 


Even if cyberpunk gets patched to allow bigger save files, your data will be corrupted. In some cases, users have had all their saves corrupted.
CDPR advises players to actively loot less in the game and don't craft a lot as this quickly adds data. No fix for this has been promised as of now according to that video news report.

I'm glad i don't own this game on Playstation but yeah beware if you do.

EDIT: Seems it doesn't affect everyone. Some people seem to have 12MB files and it works fine, both from comments here as well as on that youtube vid. It doesn't seem to be completely fixed and some people still seem to suffer from this but better safe than sorry.

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Just now, SaviorKIA said:

I've also read it earlier and checked size of my saves. It's 12,9MB and not corrupted (playing on PS5). Looks like it's not for everyone.

Well thats some good news. I'm just going of what been told here. So i figured I'd just warn y'all, Achievement hunting is an activity of completionism after all so that will no doubt make peoples saves bigger then the average casual.

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Just now, Reminace said:

If it does corrupt does it just delete that one save or all of them on the hard drive?

From what i can tell from the video it doesnt delete any. They will just fail to load. Corrupted just means it can't be loaded. If it were to automatically remove itself then its a matter of self-deleting files. not corrupted ones.

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