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If you already saved over the point prior to the Dr. Peace battle, you’ll have the wait until your first NG+. You will have a total of 3 playthroughs so it’s not bad. You can focus on missables during the Very Sweet or Bitter run if you want. Note all the mask and card numbers missing in Travis’ room at the end of the first run and you can focus on those.
The eventual grind for enough money to buy out Area 51’s merchandise trophy and the 5100 kill count trophy (repeating the Gold Town assassination mission) wouldn’t precede even a full 4th playthrough anyway, so anything to alleviate that tbh.

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On 12/22/2020 at 0:27 AM, AllanGronkjaer said:

so the guide says this trophy aint missable , but ive misssed a mask i the 2 level allreasy due i was tired . anyway to get it back ?

Honestly mate, just mark it in notes and grab it on the next PT. As EE said you need a minimum of 3, i missed 2 collectibles in the school, restarted and when i was doing my 2nd and 3rd PTs i was like "-.- that was a complete waste of time starting again, never out this place it feels like" hope you're enjoying the game, its a bit jank in parts but i wish the whole series came to PS as it was genuinely enjoyable, except that bloody burger spin side mission...

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