Glitched Secret Chamber in Chapter 3

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I only need one more Secret Chamber for the trophy, and it is this one in Chapter 3. I'm unable to access it though because the passage to the right of the throne is blocked, and I can't find any way to open it. I read a couple comments about having to examine a painting and restart the level for it to open, but I've already examined all paintings in this chapter according to the stats page and the path is still blocked.


Has anyone else had the same issue with this chamber, and if so what did you do to fix it? I'm concerned that it may be permanently bugged and I may have to restart the entire game to get to it.


Update: I couldn't find a way to get this door open, so I ended up making a new save; if anyone else has this chamber glitch out on them it may be best to do the same unless someone finds a fix.



For anyone playing through the game for the first time: when you get to chapter 3 make a backup save. Play through to near the end of chapter 3 and examine the painting shown at 6:41 in the video, then pause and restart the chapter once it autosaves. Run through the chapter again until you get to 4:35 then follow the path (the video says you need a succubus to break the wall, but I believe I used the chort roaming the area). Once you're in the first chamber, the second chamber will have opened to the right of the throne since you examined the painting. This was the only secret chamber that glitched on me in my two playthroughs, so once you take precautions to get this one you should have no problems getting the rest of them. 

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