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Dedicated Follower of Fashion bug?

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Going by the old trophy guide for the original game and following the steps to get those, I have everything in that list that's listed for the original one. Another thing that is weird is that under the Accolades list, it only shows that Rab has all of his garments. Are there new ones for S that I'm missing or is this just a bugged trophy?

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Yes there are several new costumes for S. Check out this list: https://www.rpgsite.net/feature/7757-dragon-quest-xi-s-costumes-guide-locations-of-every-costume-for-the-dedicated-follower-of-fashion-trophy-and-new-switch-outfits (Erik's Wolf Wear is not in the PS4 version, don't worry about that one)


You can also take advantage of this 'bug' for one of Jade's costumes: https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/100072-dedicated-follower-of-fashion-trophy/

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It's next to the chest that you find the Ultimate Key in, not a door. It's up on the highest section with the mural, where you speak to the Elder. There should be three chests in the center. The chests contain the Key, a costume for Serena, and a costume for Veronica.

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