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Tip for Multiplier hit! trophy


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This one is actually pretty easy to pull of via the "Near Miss" strategy. Near Misses counts as a multiplier, and these are easy to stack. 


I did this on Level 1.8, but I'm sure you can pull it off in a variety of places throughout the game. Use a float that the character will ride instead of surf, the one I used was the log, but the dumbbell works too (banana is a bit too long and unwieldy)


At the start of the level, just turn right around. Jump (doesn't have to be a big or fast jump, any decent jump will do) and time it so at the beginning of the descent you start to do a front flip, but then let go as soon as you do that so your avatar softly bumps into the wall (I use the triggers for balance control/flipping btw, find it is a lot easier in general). 


Anyway, you'll notice that you get a Near Miss if you are timing it right. If not, you'll likely hit your head and fall off. Sometimes the game will give you a Near Miss, even if you timed out this strategy poorly. The game gives you ample time to reset and do this again, as you'll easily have two tries between each successful "Near Miss" to to keep the combo going. It took me about 10 minutes to lay down 10 once I realized that timing the flip input worked better on the way down. 


Not sure how easy it is to get a 10x combo naturally, I can't imagine it is, as the most I've recalled been able to pull off by accident while staying afloat is 4x

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I would suggest 2.3 Riverside Slide. I used Milan Knol in the Mercenary Raft.

There is a section of the level with a long drop and a water canon/water jet thing that is supposed to launch you up and over a ramp, but it only sometimes works as intended. Normally it just shoots you straight up, giving you "airtime" You can get airtime and a flip out of the "long drop" i mentioned and when you get to the water jet, you should get "airtime" at the top of the ramp. If you fall back down the ramp and get shot by the jet again you should be able to keep a cycle going and keep getting air times. There is a checkpoint right before the long drop so you can just keep trying. 


You can also find a rubber tire in the swamp and just keep bouncing away. You gotta hold X a little bit to get the airtime bonus. You can pretty much do it for as long as you want. I don't know if it works with the flowers.

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