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Top Three Favorite Playstation Games This Decade


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I challenge you to take all the amazing PS3/PS4/PS5 games from 2010-2020, and compile your top 3 into a list. Reasoning for each one is optional. That’s it. Have fun!


Here’s my top 3:

  1. Littlebigplanet 2 - This game harkens back so many fond memories when I played the PS3. Playing the weirdest levels, messing around in a create moon for hours on end, all with friends or complete strangers. Combine a large community-centric design with a cool story, and deep creation tools made this game easily my favorite game of all time, as well as my favorite game this decade.
  2. The Last of Us - This game is the pinnacle of story-telling this generation. A journey that is filled with grief, joy, and ultimately, more grief, as well as dread in the best possible way for every combat encounter. You must be resourceful to survive, unless you’re playing on easy mode. Simply put, Naughty Dog made a masterpiece. I don’t know about the second, since I haven’t played it, but I can assure you this one is worth playing.
  3. Journey - While this game is incredibly simple on the surface, it is a powerful experience that will leave you craving more. Journeying to the top of a shining mountain with a complete stranger while using limited communication makes this something else entirely. If you enjoy powerful, emotional experiences, then I urge you to not miss out on this one.
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1. Red Dead Redemption 2.

This game is for me as close to perfection, as possible. The character building, manuscript, acting, NPCs you encounter, the graphics, 1000 little details and I could go on. The world feels natural and alive unlike almost every other open world game, that is not from Rockstar.


2. GTA V.

Same as above, except taking place in another environment, which is very satirical about Western culture. The talkshows they record for the radio shows show just how much work they put into their titles, which for me is amazing.


3. Horizon Zero Dawn.

I loved the new take on the open world genre. The story was blockbuster worthy, and presented very well without revealing too much at a time.
The gameplay and difficulty was superb as well, and I loved the whole stealth and tactical approach when defeating huge robot dinosaurs.


The MGS franchise has a very special place in my heart, but these 3 games are what stand out the most for me.

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1. The Last of Us - A masterpiece. Every time I played it I discovered something new about the characters and about myself. There's no such thing as perfection, but this game came close. Really close.


2. The Witcher 3 - Fun. Epic. Immersive. Made me appreciate high fantasy. Awesome characters, amazing world. Incredible production value.


3. Apex Legends - Top notch gameplay. Addictive and always fresh. A few years ago I would never believe if someone told me I would spend 1 year of my life playing an online multiplayer game almost exclusively.



Honorable mentions:  Batman Arkham City    Metal Gear Solid V    Driveclub



Uncharted 2 would be #1, but it's a 2009 game. A blockbuster extravaganza. With a lot of heart too. The kind of stuff my dreams are made of.



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1. Dying Light

2. Dead Space 2 (or Dead Space 3)

3. Gravity Rush 2


Doubtful but one of these games might change in the future. Also, sorry, but i'm very conflicted for leaving the phenomenal Dishonored series off my list, so I feel obligated to give it a honorable mention.


Wish this were a top 5 instead :'(  

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It’s very hard to choose just 3 games, because this decade was full of fantastic games, but I will try to answer in the most intuitive way possible:


1 - The Last of Us: Joel and Ellie begin as strangers, that are together just out of obligation and that even don’t like each other that much, to end up so attached, that they can’t let go of each other; their journey is as emotional for them as it is for us, as we feel their love and attachment growing in this beautifully and perfectly crafted game.


2 - Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception: this was my first PS3 game and it was mind blowing; I loved every single bit of this game and, for me, no other Uncharted comes close to how epic U3’s adventure was for me; epic is also the word that I would apply to the multiplayer: it was also my first time playing MP and I got completely addicted to co-op arena; in addition, Naughty Dog gave us the best trophy list ever made, that made the MP even more thrilling and exciting to play; I played thousands of hours of this game and the nostalgia is so big, that sometimes I wish I could go back to the PS3 era, when I pressed the PS button, to see that absolutely everyone in my friends’ list was playing Uncharted 3 <3.


3 - Tomb Raider: a desperate quest for survival, with a young and inexperienced protagonist; another epic adventure, that has all the elements that I love in a game.


Yes, you noticed it right: all of them are PS3 games...


I prefer not to say any “honorable mentions”, because there are just too many games that I absolutely love and that would deserve a reference, so let’s leave the list with just these top 3.

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1. Kingdom Hearts 3: I'm a fan of the Kingdom Hearts games for their story and characters, and have been playing since the PS2 days when KH1 was released. It was great for the series to finally get some closure on this saga. The gameplay was my favourite of all the KH games, and I liked the visuals. 


2. Pio Fiore no Banshou: This was my favourite otome game released in the last decade, the story was really absorbing and I found it thrilling to play.


3. Tales of Berseria: Loved the story and characters, and I like the Tales series in general. The MC Velvet was really cool

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1. God of War (PS4)


This was an amazing experience that I was not ready for. My crazy self played this in GMGoW mode and it was so hard it took me 40 attempts just to get past the first fight. It made me rethink my rule of playing on the highest difficulty. But I stuck with it and was rewarded with the most amazing and satisfying gaming experience I ever had. It took me months to down Sigrum in this difficulty, I did take a break from the game for some time, but when I finally defeated her that feeling was unmatched knowing that it was against her best. But the reason this is my favorite is because of the story of father and son finding their way after losing Mom. It hit home to me as I lost my mother several years ago and my father just five years prior to this game. This game was why I truly fell in love with video games.


2. The Last of Us


Before this game I used to think of video games as mindless action fun. Sure you need to figure some things out, my favorite series of all time is Legend of Zelda after all, but none of those stories were very deep until Breath of the Wild. I am also a cinephile and love to see stories on screen. Thus when I played the Last of Us on the PS4 I was amazed at how a game could be so well written, so cinematic, while also so much fun to play at the same time. I recently achieved the platinum four years later after playing it and it’s my most proudest platinum to date.


3. Bloodborne


The first time I ever played this game I had no idea what was going on. I couldn’t even get passed the first area. So I left it alone for a while. A few months later I started to play and finally understood a bit of the combat. Boss by boss I kept gaining confidence. But the DLC imo turned this already great game into a whole area on its own. I love the Lady Maria and Orphan of Kos fight. Took me multiple attempts but the quick pace was just great fun.


These three games are my favorite of the decade because they really did shape my love for video games after years of only playing Zelda games. They also are major reasons that I believe I can beat games in hard mode. So yeah these three are my

favorite of the decade!

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1. Battleborn - had a rough launch and caught a lot of flack, but it turned out to be one of my favorite team shooters of all time. Miss this game, and I'm sad it didn't get the chance it deserved.

2. Astrobot Rescue Mission - incredible game. Watching Astrobot wave to me when I looked at them was the first real "wow" moment with VR for me. Fantastic experience overall and one of my favorite games of all time.

3. Horizon: Zero Dawn - prettiest game on PS4, I don't usually replay games after I plat them but I've replayed Horizon Zero Dawn 3-4 times.

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