Coop Platinium?

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Just a quick question: Can you get all trophies in multiplayer or do you have to play solo for most of the trophies? 
Thinking of getting this game for a friend and me :D 

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From what I recall reading all should be doable in coop except collecting the Lore.


Edit:  I did not receive the Heading Home trophy for finishing the Labyrinth and picking up the figure head on my friends game. So it is looking more like you will have to do the 3 Lore Trophies, The 4 Galleon Pieces trophies, and the Fix the Galleon trophy on your own island. Sorry I don't have anything certain.


My original comment was based off of this trophy guide:



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Not all trophies can be done in multiplayer. You can't pick up the 4 galleon pieces in the labyrinths or the lore (all lore that both players pick up is ONLY for the host so you can do it with two people to make it easier but only one player will get the trophy). Same with the craft the golden statue. The 8 elemental weapons have to be done over multiple playthroughs too as there is only 4 dungeons.


Edit: Also the second player doesn't get the The Real Escapist trophy for finishing the game. 

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