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3 hours ago, Arcesius said:

Then, welcome @dieselmanchild! I hope you'll have a great time participating here :) It's a very fun place to hang out as well, reading about the feats some of the monsters here have completed. 

Thank you, sir! I’ve been popping in here from time to time and love reading your guys progress posts or reading up on the various games I’m unfamiliar with. It’s about time I jumped in here and got involved with some events on this site. I just signed up for the Fall Backlog Challenge as well. 🙂


42 minutes ago, Copanele said:

Nice list, added :D you will definitely enjoy Slain (and Lords of the Fallen less so 1f602.png)


Just wanted to let you know guys that we are very close to the 1500€ target! (currently 1413). Wanted to thank you all for being so active and involved in this event and as promised, once we reach the target I will add 5 more swaps to everybody :) 

Slain looks awesome! I once played it a little bit on my alt to get a feel for it and it was pretty awesome. Love the whole metal vibe it’s got going. Head banging after every boss is one of the cooler trophies I’ve seen in a minute! I know those no damage boss trophies are going to be really tough for me though but I’m up for the challenge.


I enjoy Soulslike games but I’ve heard Lords of the Fallen is pretty bad unfortunately. I’ve had it sitting in a folder on my HDD for like 2 years now though and so once I realized it was a UR I thought maybe committing to it in this thread would give me the motivation I need to get started lol. I was sooo tempted to swap it out for Wipeou: Omega Collection though. That games looks far more fun. 


That’s amazing you guys have already raised so much though, wow! Great work everyone. Let’s hope I can account for at least $5 of that. 😆 Thanks for the add!

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Hello, I'd like to swap VVVVVV for The Jackbox Party Pack 3 since that's what I'm currently speedrunning and just to make some progress on here. 


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