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So I should probably start with the story.


I platted the game months ago, saw we had DLC, but noticed we didnt have trophies to go along with the DLC. So I assumed that we weren't going to get any DLC trophies for the game ever. I then deleted my data to make space for future games. Now I see they added trophies months later for DLC that came out awhile ago. Now that I have no data, I feel like I'd have to start back over, is it possible to join another player who is super high leveled, have him go through a level killing everything and allowing me to leech and grab very power weapons and armor so I can quickly get set up myself?


I'm not asking you guys for a boosting session, I'm simply asking if this is a thing that I can essentially do so I dont have to replay the main game 3x just to get gear good enough to do the DLC.

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Good question, I am wondering about this myself, like is it possible to dupe weapons/gears? Like backing up save to cloud then joining a game to gift gear? i dont know how that even works as I only saw the stand and havent had someone to gift or recieve to try. But if the save was backedup to cloud, we could easily download again and have the item after we gift it right?

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I think you can. I think the gear dropping is based upon the level of the mission started but after the initial run throw I did with my cousin I did everything solo. 


Just curious though why delete your save data and not just the game. I mean save data is usually pretty small (MB) compared to GB that games take up. I've been playing on my PS4 for 4 years and I've never had to delete save game data just video and games themselves. Would seem like you are shaving pennies off to save up for something that costs $100

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