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Beat on the Brat Nightmare


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11 minutes ago, ThalifmUS said:

I swear this the most frustrating thing in this game. Fist fights are broken as hell. I get hit when I am meters away from them, blocking is useless.

Anything I can do make this easier?, got gorilla arms but they don't seem to make any difference.


Be at least lvl 35, crank that shit to easy, legendary gorilla arms, 20 body and he'll go down faster than a fifth hand joy toy.... It'll be quite disappointing tbh. ?

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Now I have another problem. I did a gig that I had to go to a fight club and I guess I killed the guy I had to fight before fighting him. The job is set as completed but when I click on it, it is empty. Will it fuck everything up?

I even got a message from couch saying he hoped I got out alive...

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I did the fistfight in Santo Domingo earlier and lost the first time since 5 hits from the guy is enough to lose. 


Anyways, the second time i was just charging my punch at him, punched 2-3 times and backed off, let stamina recover a bit and charge punched again while he was running at me... This way he was not able to hit a single hit on me.


Good luck

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