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Warning,do not quit the game during Fazeer's maps.


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When playing endgame missions for him,absolutely do not close the game app or leave the game while in portal created by him. If you do he might completely disappear like he did for me.

He is just gone from the game making it impossible for me to progress. And as the fort is shared across all characters,he is gone for everyone making it gamebraking bug as none of the characters can progress at all.


At this point all i can do is wait for patch for it(wich is unlikely, as i cannot find anyone with the same bug.....) or just delete all saves and start from scratch....



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No,the patches that were out since broke few things more. And the game crashes  A LOT. Like so often you can combine all games that you played ever that crashed,and it still won't reach the number TL3 crashes. And the more you play the game to worse it runs.Soooo that is the biggest issue when playing it since launch. And i was playing on ps5,on ps4 is worse then this.

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