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Trophies not working?


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Can confirm. I’ve done the requirements for quite a few combat trophies now, and none of them have popped. I even counted to make sure I wasn’t going crazy. Hopefully, they issue a patch that fixes this. Plus, nobody has earned any trophies in about 2 weeks.


The reason, I assume, is the game is now split into Classic and Hardcore mode. Even though Classic Mode and the original game on launch are functionally one and the same, it must be registering Classic Mode as a different mode. The trophies are likely programmed for the “base game difficulty”, not the Classic and Hardcore modes we have now. If that’s the case, I think it would be an easy fix, but I haven’t heard any word of this issue from the developers so far.

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If people are still looking into this, it has been fixed with patch 1.08 2 days ago! Progress to some of the trophies was saved, especially those that require X amount of something. For exemple, ''Longrunner'' which requires you to run for a total of 42 km popped when I booted the game. ''Where are my keys'' which requires you to kill 1000 ennemies popped after my first post-patch kill. Trophies that are a one shot deal like ''Triple A'' (Kill 3 ennemies with a single use of Blink) or the bosses trophies, I had to redo.

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