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Trophy hunting predictions for 2021.


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With 2021 being only a few days away, I wonder what kind of personal predictions you all have for trophy hunting in the new year. Here's what I have.


1. I will reach the 100 platinum milestone.

As of right now I have a total of 88 platinum's (maybe 89 before New Years day). Due to how chaotic this year was I had more time on my hands to play a lot of different games and ended up earning over 20 platinum trophies. I'm not sure if I'll be able to top that for next year, but I am confident that I'll be able to earn enough platinum's to reach the 100 milestone.

2. I will reach the 8000 trophy milestone  

On average I think I earn around 800 trophies a year. This year was different because reasons I already touched on. I managed to earn a little of 1300 trophies this year. Similar to my last prediction, while I don't think I'll be able to surpass this for next year, I do think I'll be able to earn enough to reach a total of 8000 trophies.

3. I'll earn a platinum in at least one PS Plus game.

Pretty self explanatory. This doesn't really happen often, in fact this year the only games on PS Plus that I was able to platinum was The Nathan Drake Collection and MW2 Remastered. However, it appears that PS Plus will have three games a month instead of the usual two. I'm not sure if that will make a difference but we will see.

4. I'll platinum at least one first party game releasing in 2021

For this the games that I think that I'll be able to platinum are Horizon Forbidden West (if it actually comes out in 2021) and probably the new Ratchet game if I decide to buy it, which I probably will. This also suggest that I will also be able to get a PS5 next year. I might be able to platinum more first party games next year, but those are the two that come to mind.


Those are my predictions, what are yours?

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I can see myself achieving over 60 plats in the new year. I’d definitely like to focus on more Vita games too.


I’m hoping to finally complete those pesky games sitting at 1%...but no promises there. They’ve been dormant for a while.

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I will reach 350 platinums. If I get one more this year I will break my record of platinum's in a year. I want to concentrate on some more rarer plats. Not necessarily. a bunch of UR but at least more games under 20% trophy rarity.



I'm bad at keeping with goals in gaming. I change my mind so much on what to play. The one goal I will get will be 350 platinum's. 

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My personal predictions:


1. Spiderman will be my first platinum of the year.

2. I will earn less plats in 2021 than I did in 2020.

3. Hakoom will at least earn 10x the amount of plats that I do.

4. I will earn at least 1 PS3 platinum.

5. I will earn at least 1 UR, 1 VR, 1 R, 1 UC, and 1 C platinum.


Nothing crazy here (except maybe the last one), but I want to make the distinction that these are predictions, not goals. I will be 100% okay with earning more plats in 2021, and I won't be disappointed if I miss out on a UR plat.

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My predictions for 2021 are rather simple:


1. I will complete Darkstalkers Resurrection.

2. I will completely clean up my PS3 backlog and retire the console :) it has been a wonderful time with it but it's time to let go.

3. I will finally start and go through all Yakuza games INCLUDING Judgment.

4. I will get my hands on a PS5 with Demon Souls Remastered.


That is all I want for 2021 game wise. Copying Beyondthegrave, predictions not goals. Goals turn into commitment and that would kill my mood.


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My prediction is that I will hit the 10k trophy mark! I will certainly aim for 200th plat, although I've been hunting UR ones mostly and that tends to move along a little slower! Honestly that's all I did for 2020 so I'm thinking of dialing it back this year and just playing whatever looks like fun, regardless of trophy rarity.  

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1 hour ago, D-E-U-S-X said:

Own a PS5 before 2022!

Same here, It's not even about the new generation of games (OK maybe the new Horizon) but I'm ready for my room to not sound like an airport when I play PS4 games on a the original PS4. Also, ready to buy a 4k TV when that happens too.


My goals are pretty conservative I think:

  • Get my completion percentage to >60% (currently at 56.90%)
  • Get my unearned trophy count under 5k trophies (currently at 5,288)
  • Hit 100 platinums (currently at 88)
  • 100% complete 1/3 my game count (currently at 93/327)
  • Reduce game spending this year except for the PS5 console and work on my backlog of already owned games (including at least 2 more Yakuza games, 1 Kingdom Hearts game, 1 Random RPG and AC Odyssey) 



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I’m excited for this year ahead because I will definitely achieve 2 of my long term goals this year:


  1. 200 platinums
  2. 10,000 trophies


I got into the gaming and trophy hunting scene pretty late, so over the past few years that I’ve been doing this, I’ve mainly been focused on playing catch up and experiencing a lot of the classic franchises and AAA PlayStation gems for the first time while remaining focused generally on building up my trophy and platinum count.


Once I achieve these goals, I want to start focusing a little more energy on some new goals for 2021:


  1. Challenging myself by adding more impressive games and ultra rare platinums to my collection
  2. Clearing my PS3 backlog. Especially the multiplayer portions of games.
  3. Expanding my horizons by diving in to some new franchises and genres that I haven’t explored yet.


For example, I just platinumed my first Resident Evil game a few days ago, which was surprisingly my first real taste of the survival horror genre. It was a fun and challenging platinum, and reminded me that there’s still so many big franchises and popular genres that I haven’t even cracked yet. I just want to keep expanding my skills as a gamer and a trophy hunter and continue to find new games that I love!


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I started trophy hunting on March (2020) with 0 plats, now, I have 60 but I know I won't be able to keep up this pace, this year were special circumstances (*ejem lockdown ejem*), so


- 10-20 plats per year (PS3-project) - MAIN ONE

-If I get my hands on a Vita, maybe more.

-Maybe I'll take hunting on PS4 seriously and start adding PS4 plats in this account

-I will stop adding new games if I have not finished the previous ones yet (backlog)


Continue doing what I'm currently doing, that's it.




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