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After playing pc3 and owning pc2 for more than a year i played them back to back. I rememberd the handling in the low tier events being weird compared to gt sport so i let it be. But after pc3 i tried it again with the difficulty 0 and aggression 0. Like playing against a todler. I spinned almost every car on every track but wanted lo level up to get better cars and not rage quitting. I leveled up but didn't change the ai. After breezing from tier 6 to 1 with different classes i did the 2nd tier 1 event (endurance world championship). 6 rounds, the first 4 events are only 30 min, but the 5th at spa takes a min. of 2h and the 6th at le mans also 2h. I managed to do 44 laps in a 488 GTE on spa and 27 at le mans. After 4 laps you're lapping the ai at spa and 3/4 of the race is in the rain . It only effects your pride and not your trophies. So more than 80% of the trophies are only time consuming and are 1/10 difficulty. That 1 point is for the effort. 


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