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Is the plat doable?


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I have had this game in my backlog for quite some time now and I didn't want to play it because of that update 2 years ago which made the plat ridiculously hard 


Is the game still that hard or did the developers make any changes to its difficulty?

I know that it's basically not possible to play an older version on the ps4 but I'd really like to complete this game and get rid of it, as it is one of the ugliest things in my backlog. Unfortunately I don't own the vita version nor a vita so I can't take advantage of the patch reverting there

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It is absolutely doable. I am on it on PS3 with the latest patch.


I already platinumed the NA version so I am following the same strategy I did in the past:


-When aiming for the "Elite Player" trophy, pick any (or your favorite) fully upgraded character and start on "Izzy" difficulty.

-As your character is fully upgraded, invest your resources on lives. Complete the game.

-Every New+ that you start will carry on your lives and upgrades. 

-Start a New+ which will put you in Normal difficulty, invest all your resources in lives. Complete the game (you can get "Just Normal..." trophy here).

-Start a New+ which will put you in Hard difficulty, invest all your resources in lives. Complete the game (you can get "Not so hard..." trophy here). 

-Start a New+ which will be your final playthrough. By this time you should have 99 lives. You will die a lot, A LOT, but keep purchasing lives as you will have a ton of resources.


If you are confident, you can pick any non upgraded character and start on Izzy difficulty, by the 2/3 stage on the New+ (Normal difficulty) you will be fully upgraded and can start purchasing lives for your Elite playthrough.



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It's doable. I completed it last October, using the multiple NG+ Mindtrash talked about for Elite Player. I didn't enjoy the game very much though. It was extremely repetitive and combat wasn't much fun. Hope you feel differently if you go for it, but it was definitely one of my less fun platinums. Good luck!

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