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Trophy thoughts?


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Agreed, I thoroughly enjoyed the first game and am very much looking forward to this! The dev is a very nice guy too and happy to support him ? This is definitely a more involved and robust trophy list compared to the original and I am definitely up for the challenge!

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Referring to the PS4 version (don't know how different they are), I'd estimate it took around 6 hours for the platinum alone, and a total of 9-10 when striving for 100%.


The main game only becomes easier over time, due to the upgrade system, so I wouldn't say it's more than 3/10 difficulty. Prioritize upgrading your primary weapon's shot width, damage, and fire rate before anything else, then max out health—you'll quickly become unstoppable, even on new game plus. On the other hand, some of the DLC stuff is easily 6/10, particularly "The Reflex," earned for completing all three Boost Mode levels in a row deathless.


That aforementioned trophy was the most troublesome obstacle for me by a large margin. Not sure why, but there's a section near the middle of stage 2 where I kept crashing; just couldn't seem to execute the proper movement consistently. I suspect that Boost would've been easier for me if the game offered an option for d-pad controls, since I tend to prefer them in 2D titles. It required about an hour of practice to conquer this mode.


As for Arcade, it wasn't as tough as I had anticipated, so I beat it in a few attempts. Chose to take the alternate routes, unlocking bombs, which I then used against the final boss to great effect. Selling upgrades to buy primary fire improvements and health also helped tremendously. I switched to arcade controls while the penultimate boss was dying (I prefer them for the last encounter anyway), and the "Playing God" trophy unlocked without issue. Was also quite surprised to see this:




...guess I'm a natural at this game or something? Well, it ain't exactly Sine Mora, to be fair. ? Very enjoyable, though!


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