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Any reliable way to turbo boost it?


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Me and my buddy are trying to boost this - both using Turbo controllers, but we can't seem to find any reliable method that would make it possible to leave the game running for a couple of hours without us having to babysit it every 2/3 matches. We set the race so the cars crash, but I get bumped into by the AI and it messes up our ability to auto-start another race. Any tips would be appreciated. 

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So the only way to make the boost easier if you self boost is to have one turbo controller on the 2nd console to spam X and rubber band R2 so the car crashes on the first corner, and on your main console which is the host, either (if it exists) use a turbo which will allow you to Press Down on the Dpad once every 15 minutes, or just be around the console and do it yourself. This is because the host has to press down once after being done with the series or races in order to change from Settings to Start, which would start another series of 5 races. So it's basically impossible to self boost this fully in AFK.

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