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Episode 5 Chapter 3 trophy glitched


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You're probably hoping for a solution to your problem but unfortunately I don't have one.  I encountered the same thing and only wished it happened as late for me as it did for you.  I completed the first episode and missed two chapter trophies, 2 and 4.  I saved my completed episode 1 save to the cloud and replayed the episode and just finished chapter two again and... no trophy again.  I don't know what to do again except try a third time.  Another post I think said they had to play an episode six times or something.  This game sucks.


Edit:  I earned it the third overall time I played it (meaning I replayed it twice).  I quit out to the main menu of the game and then quit the game completely and made backup saves via either the cloud or a USB stick once the chapter started and when chapter 2 didn't work that second time I just reinstalled the save to try again from that chapter.  Chapter 4 worked on the first retry and since I cloud saved the completed episode 1, I can now reload that onto the system so I won't have to replay the last chapter of episode so that'd be my advice:  Replay the episode and cloud save at the start of chapter 3 and if it doesn't unlock, get the save from the cloud and try again.

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I'm having the same issue. Just finished the 3rd and 4th chapter of episode 5 and the trophies didn't unlock. Did anyone find a solution?


So far I've reinstalled the game, replayed the level 3 times, replayed the chapter 10 times using a backup save file, and played the level in shadow mode. 


I had a similar issue with "The Bridge", and the only fix was to delete the save file and start again. I'm hoping that isn't the case here (but with the amount of times I've re-played this level, it might work out to be easier to just do that ?)

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