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How to delete previous owner Trophies?


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I will soon get a PsVita (Yeah, never too late), and since it is used I obviously don't want the previous owner's Trophies to be added into my Trophy List. How can I prevent this from happening? Is it enough to simply format the Vita, or is there something else I should do? I also read that there may be some issue in earning Trophies with used, physical games. Please explain every step, I don't want to mess something up :lol:

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10 minutes ago, GraniteSnake said:

Also make sure to connect your Vita to the internet before you play any games (like Welcome Park for example). You’ll end up with missing timestamps otherwise, almost happened to me but luckily I formatted my memory card before I synced the trophies I earned on it!

Yeah I knew about that 


Thank you all :)

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