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FYI some trophies aren't popping for me


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I have 190,000 rep right now, and have not popped Carving a Path (10,000 rep) or Found your Flow (50,000 rep). I have landed a 720 double backflip like 5 times without popping the trophy. And I have absolutely collected enough items to get Get some Gear (unlock 10 items) but have not popped that either. I messaged Rage Squid on twitter and they said they were unaware of an issue. Which I find BS because there are people complaining about similar things on steam. 

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In addition to the REP and item trophies, the trophy for 10 mini bosses is also bugged for me. I believe it could have to do with the 1.12 update from December 10th, since nobody has earned any of these trophies since then (also on the EU version).


The 720 double backflip popped fine though.


I reported this on discord but haven't gotten any reaction yet...


One could always try to revert the game to 1.00 and see if it works. 



EDIT: I actually reverted the game to version 1.0 and got the trophies for 10 and 25 items, as well as that for 10 mini-boss jumps. My REP was reset to 0 though, so will have to grind that out in this unpatched version. 


So yeah... December-update 1.12 broke those trophies. At least there is a way to get them. 


EDIT 2: Ok I quickly grinded out 10k REP and the trophy popped. The only problem now is that every time I quit the game, my REP resets to 0.. so I will have to grind out 250k REP without shutting off the game... And since I have to play offline, I cannot proceed with my sponsorship. 

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