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Crash 4 bugs

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I still have 11 stages to complete in crash 4 before getting the plat but the the bugs are too much to handle, it takes me alot of time to speed run a lvl because of them, I might stop playing because if these bugs 


Anyone else experiencing same issue? I bad my character suddenly freeze in mid air, stop moving for about 2 seconds when landing on a crare (rarely happens, but still frustrating each time tho) and when landing on the ledge of a platform, the character is like neither lands on it nor falls down, its like landing in between the those two options, I start running in the same spot and have to jump to be able to continue 

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I have a few issues for those who still need it (incase you encounter them) N.gin N.terview the nitro crates sometimes explode when you land on the actual box you need to bounce off, Off-Balance one of the checkpoints damages me if I spin on it but not jump on it. Re-install didn't help.

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