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AFK fishing/processing


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So ive been attempting to quickly level fishing and processing, ive been getting removed from server after about 2 hours; unsure to be precise. Enough to gather ~15 (green an higher) quality fish. Set to discard white teir.


Any idea if there is a way to not get droped after such a short time - as it seems ill need minimum 30hr fishing w/ life exp event/buffs. An leaving My system on for 7-10 hours wilst i sleep or am at work - would be great to get the full alotted time not 2-3 hrs an then sit on the D/C screen.


Im 100% sure its not my network.


I've read here n there that there was a patch that kicked people after x amount of time or xyz durability on fishing rod or random other speculation.


 If anyone has any tips or tricks they use to not lose connection well doing the afk grind. Would love to know.



Right now im trying ( have world map open.  Lower population area and left joystick tilted to show "activity" )

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I had the same issue but with riding horses. What I did is just keep my PS on and watch series on another screen, whenever Black Desert kicked me I would go right back on. Doing these grinding trophies, you should always check your game now and again. I wouldn’t do these trophies while not having an eye on it tbh because of reason above and you don’t know when you run out of resources.

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 I bought + 48 invintory slots. And the fishing rod mentioned in the guide.


Both times ive noticed the rod @ <20% when ive logged back on.


 Guess ill just need to do it on my days off lol


2 days in ( maybe 7hr of fishing) an looking @ lv 15


3hr of grinding @ 21 lol



edit; looks like it worked. I got home and was disconnted at 11pm utc. Due to maintenance

but had a full invintory of fish.  Stimulating the game to think ur there seems to work

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