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No trophies are popping, or popping when they shouldn't.


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So i just got the full wardrobe trophy to pop by filling it with anything i could find, and then put everything into my inventory so that there's no slots left.


The full wardrobe trophy has popped, but the fill inventory is not.


As an aside, good lord this game is bad. I mean, i get that the proceeds to the DLC purchases are for a charity, but not even the Natwest Bank game Island Saver was this invasive about its DLC, and that was actually a really fun game. 

This on the other hand, is just awful  :/


Edit: Sell Things trophy for selling a dozen items isn't popping either. How the hell does anyone manage to get this game to work?!


Edit 2: Ok scratch that, nothing is popping anymore, am i just fucked?


Edit 3: Ok i think this is going to be last post about this game now. After buying 30 or so items on one save file (this includes individual items and duplicate items), and not getting the buy things trophy, i deleted the game a started up a new save file. I bought a total of 8 different kinds of seeds and the trophy for buying 12 items just popped.......


Essentially what i'm saying here is either; Don't buy the game to begin with or if you do, do not expect your trophies to either pop or make sense when they do because it seems to me like the game is broken as all hell and will only work if it feels like it.

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More trophies not popping, added to initial post
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