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Any fast way to level up?


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Hard+ endless, suicide afer the first boss wave, repeat.

If there is a x2 XP event, the bonus only works in online mode, but you can set-up a private match, so you can play alone.

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Fastest way to gain XP that I found:


Solo game

Map - Elysium

Game Mode - Weekly

Weekly Selector - Boss Rush


Kill the first 2 bosses as quick as possible, then exit, click Solo game and launch a new game. Repeat. It’s boring but very efficient. Much faster than playing Endless mode on Hard like most people suggest.

You get almost 2000 XP per boss. The bosses get exponentially harder each round which is why you only want to kill the first couple at most, otherwise you just end up wasting time. Using this method I went from lvl 22-25 in about 2 hours.


Elysium is the best map for this as it gives you a TON of open space + 5-6 ammo spawns around the map that replenish quickly. Normally on other game modes on Elysium you would be teleported to an alternate realm every other round with some of them having pretty tight spaces.

But on Boss Rush mode the game confines you to the main, large arena so you don’t have to worry about that. You have perfect visibility and can use the tower in the middle of the map to avoid ranged attacks from dangerous bosses like The Matriarch, and the open space makes it easy to kill pain in the ass bosses like the Patriarch when he tries to run away and heal.


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