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Funny or weird trophy translations.


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Many European citizens will know that: When studios dub/translate movies/series/games they often lack intended puns because they won't work in the target languages. Because of trophy guides I'm often switching between English and German trophy descriptions and noticed funny or weird translations, and I'm sure, there are more, even in other languages. I thought we could list the funniest, weirdest or noteworthiest translations here.



I'll start right away:


Bad Company 1

There are two trophies to play ranked online matches.

32S897db3.png Get me started
(Online) Participate in one online match (Ranked)
33S140944.png Leatherneck
(Online) Play 100 online matches


However, the German descriptions say "(Online) Ein komplettes Xbox LIVE Ranglisten-Spiel spielen." and "(Online) 100 Xbox LIVE-Matches spielen.". It basically says the same, however, the German translation mentions Xbox LIVE. I think this is kind of weird because they've just copied the achievements from the Xbox version, the PS3 version lacked trophies at first and DICE added them via patch after release. But the interesting part is that the PS3 version features a Platinum trophy. So they spent at least a little amount of effort to create the Platinum image (on a side note: it is not a recycled but a unique one), but didn't bother to proof-read the descriptions. On top of that, even Sony didn't notice, it seems there's no QA for trophy descriptions at all.




I think every GTA player knows it, the infamous "Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic" trophy.

50Sdb3db7.png Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic
You won in all variations of multiplayer games.


"Auf Wiedersehen" is German, but Petrovic was born in Russia and interestingly the German trophy title is "Dosvidanya, Petrovic" which also means "Good bye" but in Russian. At first, I thought the German title makes a lot more sense in this case but upon further research I found that the original title is a reference to a 1980s TV series called "Auf Wiedersehen, Pet". So after all the above mentioned removing of puns struck here. But even if the TV series is unknown in Germany, and many won't get the reference, I think it's still weird to change the trophy title.

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