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First 2021 platinum?


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La-Mulana 2: 7/10


A master class in exploration, discovery, and world building metroidvania design that doesn't hold your hand at all. I really hope they make a La-Mulana 3. The first game is still better, but these games really offer something that no other games on the market do.

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The Last of Us Part 2 on January 2nd.


Game Difficulty: 1/10

DLC Difficulty: 2/10


Wasn't nearly as good as the first game and I of course hated the way it started, but I also don't quite understand all the hate it's getting.  Definitely too long, and at times boring, story was definitely not as good as the first game or any of the Uncharted games, but I've played way worse (many of which were promised to be the best game ever).  If it wasn't the sequel to a game I and many others consider to be one of the best of all time, it probably wouldn't have received even 1/10th of the criticism it did.  But all in all it just wasn't nearly as enjoyable as I hoped.  After two loooong playthroughs, I'm glad to be done with it.

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Borderlands 3 on Jan. 2nd. Most of the Trophies were pretty fun but the find the named locations Trophies were truly awful because how glitchy the location activations were. Overall awesome game my favorite in the series now.


Going definitely check out the DLC once it goes down in price.

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1 hour ago, Sofa King said:



Wanted a stress free plat to start a hopefully less stressful new year.

I'd give it a 2/10 difficultly but 10/10 for fun.

This was my first plat to start off 2020! Really enjoyed it. My first plat this year was Star Wars Episode 1: Racer which is on sale right now for about $7. Played the game without using the cheat codes.

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