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tapping X to speed my horse is causing a pain in my thumb joint


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its sure frustrating having to constantly tap x if you need the horse go at max speed, i wish i could hold down x with it going at full speed...


my concern is that whenever i press x down i am getting a pain in my thumb, in the join to my hand, whenever i press x. even pressing gently is hurting me.


its left me worried that i had to stop playing. i hope its not arthritis as i am not 40 yet!


is there any way to adjust the settings to compensate for this?

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Get your horse to the speed you want and hold the touch pad for a second. It’ll switch to cinematic mode and the horse will go right to the waypoint.


When you’re riding with someone else you can just hold X to stay with them. Which is the case in like 95% of the missions.


Also, you can switch quick time events from tap to hold. I know that’s not relevant to the horse but might help.


You can also set up your camp and use it to fast travel. Or use fast travel wagons in the towns. Skip most of the solo horse riding outright.

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