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Easy Hard Platinum?


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I need help. For the life of me I cant beat bosses without getting hit. Ive attempted the stage 1-8 boss like 20-30 times and dont even come close. I see how common this platinum is and am thinking to I just suck, or am I missing something? Like 44% platinum rate and I cant even do the first boss?

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16 minutes ago, TWOLF2016 said:

It's been quite easy except three starring the final boss just cant kill him fast enough anyone have tips?

I actually did the game last night. Found that every time he jumps he cant attack you mid air so its pretty much a free shot with him everytime he does it. so wait for him to jump and kick him and repeat. try keeping him away from the edges too as it  takes up time for him to spawn and have the invincibility removed. 

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