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Dagger of phasing disappeared

Did you know that the phasing dagger disappear when you throw?  

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  1. 1. Did you know that the phasing dagger disappear when you throw?

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I just lost my all chars Any% run on my 7th character: Cadence, who i really hate and i knew something will happen on her run: I basically bombed a wall for food shop on zone 3, i threw the dagger of phasing on him to take the items for free but then the dagger disappeared. I was shocked to be honest as I didn’t know about it. Finished the level with bombs but died on next level when i was trying to find a weapon. What really annoys me is that i had an empty holster and found a weapon before but I didn’t pick it up. Hope anyone who is playing the game know about this in case you find such dagger. ? 


check the end of the stream for the miserable death.


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I didn't know that it disappears until i watched the stream ?


-According to link 1, the phasing dagger keeps going through everything (all enemies, all breakable walls) until it hits an unbreakable wall(the grey, out of bounds one)


-So i think maybe you could have retrieved it if u had phasing and entered that gold tile it disappeared on? Or a blood shovel and dig out that gold tile? (I'm not sure)


Link 1:

Throwing phase dagger through wall makes it disappear


Link 2:

Reddit - necrodancer - TIL that a thrown phase dagger goes through walls

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Damn, that sucks man :/


According to this link, it also just goes through walls (and doesn't actually dissappear): https://crypt-of-the-necrodancer.fandom.com/wiki/Dagger_of_Phasing


But yea, ring of phasing or blood shovel would be the only ways to retrieve that dagger I think (not sure if bombs would destroy both the wall and the dagger)


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Yeah, I really dislike the phasing through walls throw. Even with the phasing ability, it's just a huge waste of time going to the border just to get your dagger back, and without phasing, it is 10x more dangerous as you can lose it to a higher level wall or an unbreakable wall. Pretty much, you should never throw the dagger of phasing. As good as it sounds, you can lose it very easily, and bombing the wall will destroy the dagger as it's still there.

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