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Level 40 - 4 Characters


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8 minutes ago, Crash_nv said:

Good news! there's a work around!


Trophies in this game are tied to your player settings save file (as my group and i found out the hard way due to lost save data)


--- Turn Automatic Cloud save upload OFF


1. Have a Character one game from reaching level 40

2. Make a cloud save of your player progress and your player settings.

3. Play that game to reach level 40

4. download your player progress save (Level 39) from the cloud (NOT THE SETTINGS SAVE) overwriting your level 40 on your HDD.

5. Play that game again to get level 40 again, Now you're 2/4

6. Repeat untill you have it done four times.


 - The trophy popped for me the next game (i thought the meathod didn't work) i loaded a different character due to again me thinking it didn't work, then as soon as i loaded into the next game the trophy popped.


You're Welcome <3



good hint☺️

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