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[Video] My method for unlocking 'Gun Fu'


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I'm not usually one to post videos on here, but if you're like me and are having difficulties getting this trophy (I spent around an hour on it after checking multiple video guides, none of which worked for me) this video of where I actually unlocked the trophy will probably have the solution.


The enemies need to be alive (obviously) and need to be killed by HEADSHOT, and it seems you need to be VERY close to them. And use a revolver, just to make sure.





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This is a brilliant idea! ?


I prefer fighting from the distance (Overwatch sniper rifle ftw!) and never really used handguns in the game so had to make an effort for this one. But luckily found one location where I managed to get the trophy after two or three attempts. And yeah, many got it effortlessly from Johnny's levels.

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