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Scorched Earth Trophy early?


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Not sure what happened here ... I am on the quest Belly of the Beast and was doing the radio searching for Taggerdy, someone launched a nuke in the area of the Glassed Cavern, I thought this was my chance to get the trophy for being killed by a nuke (Ground Zero Trophy • Fallout 76 • PSNProfiles.com), I died (didnt get the trophy for that, so not sure what went wrong there) then I spawned nearby to get my loot, there were a ton of people and a massive scorch beast, I shot at it (must of tagged it??) they killed it in a couple of minutes and I ended up getting the trophy Scorched Earth (Scorched Earth Trophy • Fallout 76 • PSNProfiles.com), I wasn't even in a party ... is that normal for it to unlock like that?

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You just need to be in the mission and area for Scorched Earth, you dont need to be actively fighting the queen.


As for the nuke, its been a while but from memory you have to actually be under it to be hit by it not just in the radius

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Yeah I had a buddy launch it and I tried to let the bomb hit me as it landed. Thats how it popped many patches ago at least. You just gotta get to the center and keep an eye on the sky. Just dying from the explosion didn't count once so I made sure to be at the exact spot the bomb lands.

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