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Easy Colosseum Points


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Not sure if this is well known or not, but I discovered a fast way to beat Maximum GP, and get 66,100 points in 20-35 tournament seconds (more with the attack animation I think, but very fast) for post game point grinding to buy the items needed for CP.


On Easy, in Premium Adventure - I was fully upgraded so I don’t know exactly what skills are essential but it goes like this:


1) Enter with half Heat bar in Dragon Stance

2) Perform Tiger drop

3) Switch to Rush stance and move back not technically needed but easier)

4) After the opponent rises and taunts, just use X to “dodge” around the side of the ring, after the first enemy attack, which won’t be near you, you’ll be given a new full Heat Gauge (don’t ask me why)

5) switch back to Dragon Stance and perform Tiger Drop again


The opponent is defeated and you’ll enter the next match with half heat gauge once more


Repeat for the other two fights and collect your winnings. Which includes pointless experience and 50k Yen, and the 66,100 for 3 fast perfect victories.


Note: Lucy’s Hawk performs a leg sweep on getting up. You can use this to get the full heat bar before he taunts.


Be careful, if you get hit with an attack before you dodge you’ll need to get the heat bar half way to finish the fight

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15 minutes ago, cckerberos said:

Is it faster than this?



Lol, the idea is exactly the same as that (although the guy doing it there was very slow in getting his heat bar up)


Not sure what his time was there but I got it to in the 21 seconds recorded tournament time (edit, I see he was 36 seconds)

His switching to heat mode at the start of the match rather than when the opponent is downed is a bit more risky as they sometimes charge out. I like to be in Dragon and hold back and R1 on entering, just in case I’m a bit slow hitting triangle. Plus two of the opponents, Lucy’s and Sotaro, let you get heat up with the moves they often use when rising from their first knockdown, so that would be the fastest way (typically can do those in 3.8 seconds recorded time).


Guess the idea is relatively well known.

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