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How to get grenade kills

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I got it by playing first-person perspective squads and killing downed enemies with the grenade (Underhand toss in the direction they are crawling). I'm sure other modes work as well but I'm pretty sure Pubg only counts what finishes off the player as the actual kill. My kills seemed to track fine but I have heard of tracking issues from other people.

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I recommend playing duos or squads and when "you" knock the player toss a grenade to finish them off. However, if your friend/teammate knocks them and you finish them with a grenade, it'll count as a grenade kill for your friend/teammate and not you even though you killed him. The tracking is award to the player who knocked them. I would recommend playing with crossplay turned off as the games are filled with a stupid amount of bots and they never stick together, knock one finish them off with a grenade and rinse and repeat. This trophy was murder before bots were added.

If you want to play in Solos mode I can't stress enough the importance of cooking the grenade, (Hitting L1 with Type B Controls) count 2-3 seconds toss and this will exploded almost immediately upon impact, giving the opponent no time to run when they hear it hit the ground. Also carry 2-3 grenades and keep logging away.


Good luck!

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Since there is so many bots you can find a bot they will usually hide behind a tree, you go behind a tree as well, cook the nade and chuck it at them.  I got killed a decent amount this way but I found it easy enough.  You can also play solo DUOS/SQUADS and when you down a bot chuck a nade at it.

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