How do ps4 trophies work in ps5?

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So the question is, will the ps5 be able to get the ps4 game trophies if I own the game as a physical/digitally? As well, what if I own King Oddball ps4 version and a ps5 version digitally, for example, can I get both versions of the trophies on ps5?


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If you play the PS4 version of the game (on the PS5 home screen says "PS4" under the game name) you will unlock trophies from the ps4 list.
If the game is a PS5 version (doesn't say PS4 under the game on the home screen) trophies will be unlocked from the PS5 Trophy list.
So yes, your PS4 becomes obsolete and you can trophy hunt for PS4 games and PS5 games on the one console.

for more information check out the Auto-pop thread in this forum section on how the separate trophy lists work.


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