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What is your favorite dye for the Assassin robes?

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As Brotherhood contains all of the tailor's dye colors from AC II as well, I'd like to know which ones everyone preferred to use! Personally, I like to use Assassin White with the red and white cape from Wetlands Ebony. ?


Assassin White

Roman Stone

Roman Gilded Onyx

Roman Olive

Venetian Azure

Venetian Wine

Florentine Scarlet

Florentine Crimson

Tuscan Ember

Tuscan Emerald

Tuscan Copper

Tuscan Ochre

Wetlands Auburn

Wetlands Ivory

Wetlands Ebony


There are photos in this link.

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37 minutes ago, Atoya said:

My favorite one is the black outfit you get at the end of AC2

That's the Armor of Altaïr. It is my favorite as well, but according to the story, that armor is left behind when Cesare attacks Monteriggioni in the beginning of ACB, so I decided to keep the new Assassin's robes I was given even though you can technically still switch to that armor in the menu. ?

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13 minutes ago, starcrunch061 said:


Is that the one that makes everyone hate you? If so, I liked that one, too.

No, everyone is on high alert if you wear the Auditore Cape which in you get when you collect all the feathers for Ezio's mother.


For me in Brotherhood, I like the Venetian Wine and the Roman Stone one as a second.

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21 minutes ago, Cerber108 said:

I love Florentine Crimson along with Seusenhofer Armor, perfect combination.

Oh, I have yet to unlock the Seusenhofer Armor. I'll have to take a look!


34 minutes ago, AK-1138 said:

I have a weird and quirky aversion towards modifying characters' default attire unless it somehow provides suitably agreeable beneficial effects... doubly so when it's something as genuinely iconic (and not forced and stilted Ubisoft Iconic2122.png) as Ezio's whiter-than-a-baby's-conscience robes.


Basically... I don't dye. My enemies do.



Yeah, the iconic white is a favorite of mine. I wish we could have seen Altaïr's armor over a white robe in AC II. I just think that the red cape from Wetlands Ebony looks excellent with the red detailing that is present on the Assassin White. He looks great in that white on a pure black horse.

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I wore the original white for a bit since it’s story accurate then I decided to switch to one of the navy blue colors because it just seemed to look good. And at some point wearing bright white robes seems like a bad idea for an assassin trying to be incognito.

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