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Squired Up Trophy Glitched


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I’m having an issue that’s stressing me out. This is the only trophy I need to unlock for the platinum. It’s the Squired up trophy, which is suppose to be automatically given to you once completing the level ‘Ready Yeti Go’ in the first world. Some how it must have glitched? Is anyone else having this issue? Can I still be able to achieve it? I really don’t want to lose my saved data.

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I haven't run into this issue myself, but if all else fails you can use the cloud backup to hopefully resolve the issue.  I'll post a quick guide in case this helps at all (requires PS+):


1.  Upload your current save to cloud storage to ensure you don't miss any of your recent progress

2.  Turn off Auto Upload in the settings for cloud saves

3.  Erase your game save on the system now that your completed game is saved on the cloud

4.  Start a new game and progress enough to unlock the trophy

5.  Download your gamesave from the cloud which will give you an option to overwrite your newly created save, turn Auto Upload back on

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