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Brachiosaurus Gigantopedia Page in Savanna- Gltched?


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I already collected the 10 eggs in savanna before collecting this page so the brachiosaurus isn't there anymore but the page is. The only way to try to get it is to use a propeller leaf and float to it but I tried so many times and I just float through it without collecting it. Am I screwed and need to make a new game and collect the page before the 10 eggs?

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I am curious if U and I are stuck on the same page?

It's page 4 of the big book that U can see on the menu screen. It's located almost directly above the hole to the tunnels. 


Did U ever figure out how to get the page? Please let me know. Thanks.

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I had the same issue with the Brachiosaurus not being there.  Was still able to get this page by using the propeller leaf.  Make a massive difference if you turn "easy mode" off in the settings so you can actually control the camera.


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