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New Single player only way to get trophy


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OK so basically create  Or have a second   Account then load up madden on their get started . Go back to your game on your original account.Send an invite. Make sure you add this account on your friends list (It's easier). Then go to the other account and accept pick whichever week one opponent you're gonna have then go back to your original. And go to user management Then user team Then select the team and Toggle auto pilot for one week and it will turn into a cpu. basically be a AI opponent for you win trophy will pop once you when your free to select next week no need to find a partner anymore i did this on a Ps5 it should be fine on ps4 someone lmk

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On 11/03/2021 at 2:24 PM, Misbik said:

Thanks for this tip!  Worked perfectly on the PS5!!!

Do you have to have PS+ on the other account for this to work?


No PS+ required on secondary account, it just needs the console to have game sharing enabled and you can follow above steps.

For reference, you set secondary account to 1 week of auto pilot from your primary/commish account

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