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I think I'm likely overthinking this trophy, but I'm feeling very confused regarding different information I have read from the trophy guide here, compared to other guides and compared to the Wiki.


Now I know the trophy has been patched so you only have to beat Higgins now within a month, and I was saving up the Dee-Dee commissions so I can get a nice point bomb on him however I'm only currently getting rank C commissions which are giving me 68 reputation points maximum per day.  I was reading on the Wiki that Higgins gains 144-214 points per day, including on the weekend days when he doesn't even take commissions - so essentially it doesn't seem to matter if I get into the Commerce Guild and accept the best commission first, he'll always be points ahead of me.


Is the information on the Wiki outdated and he only gains those points for a set period of time (for example the first month when he's ahead anyway) or is it correct and this will be a test of my resource management skills?


I was already planning on gathering up a nice stock of time consuming items before tackling this trophy, but I just needed some clarification



Edited to say this has now been solved - after testing this, Higgins does not gain 144-214 points per day and the Wiki is wrong.  

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